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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who watches Thrillers?

For your coursework you need to consider closely WHO will be your target audience. Who exactly would watch your movie? Below is some information that should help you to understand who exactly watches Thriller films.

UK Cinemagoing By Genre in 2009.
Here are the figures for the suspense films released in the UK in 2009.

Here is some information about Gender and Genre

Answering the following questions should help you think more specifically about Thriller audiences.
1) How many suspense films were released in 2009? How many films were released altogether last year?
2) Action, animation and comedy account fro 52% of Box Office in the UK in 2009. Why do you think these genres are so popular?
3) why do you think Thrillers account fro quite a low proprotion of UK Box Office takings (4% in 2009)?
4) Looking at the 'genre by gender' diagram above, what information can be derived about Thriller audiences and gender?
5) Look at the age certificate for 10 of the films featured on the teaching blog. What does this tell you about Thriller audiences?

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